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Election at PSAD Conference
on October 2, 2021 via ZOOM

2021-2023 PSAD Board Candidates (8)











Robert Probst  

Interest: President or Board

I have been a member of the PSAD Board for the past six years and currently as   PSAD Treasurer for the last four years.

I, myself with other PSAD members helped to re-establish the PSAD North Central Chapter on August 23, 2013 where I was actively involved for six years as President for North Central Chapter and Vice-President for one year.  I contributed in setting up fundraiser ideas for 2019 Conference with North Central Chapter and volunteered in planning on some fundraisers.

At the PSADland Camp, I volunteered to paint four cabins.

I have taught ASL Classes in my home area in Clinton County for many years and at Lycoming County in Williamsport area with the North Central Chapter and CIL.

I have two sons, Noah is currently at Dubois Penn State University and Camryn is currently working.

After High School, I attended Altoona School of Commerce for two years and received an Associate’s Degree in Accounting.  I retired from 25 years at Penn State University for Pennsylvania Commission on Sentencing. 

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my friends and families.   My hobbies are volunteering at fundraisers, swimming, hiking, playing cards and helping other people.




Sharon Antal 


Interest: Vice President or Board


I have been PSAD Board member for 13 years and as PSAD Vice-President for the past two years. Volunteering my time with different committees, achieving programs and meeting goals is what I strive for.


I am PSAD Lifetime member and in the NEPSAD Chapter. I have been working on updating our new webpage with Jeffrey Yockey and Evy Williams.  Take a look in there and it is very exciting!


I had attended the PSAD annual conferences since 2006, participated in the NEPSAD chapter meetings, events and different PSAD functionary committees.  In the past several PSAD Conferences, I was a Chairperson at the Poconos 2009, Special 130th Anniversary at Lancaster 2011, at Gettysburg 2014, at the Poconos 2017 and at Williamsport 2019.  


I am member and involved with NAD.  I was a Co-Chairperson NAD Regional State Day conference on May 2021, as a delegate at 2020 NAD Conference, on Zoom and several NAD past conferences.


I have been Co-chairing the Senior Citizens Getaway and hopefully another coming in October 2022.


I have been a Sign Language Coordinator at Lexington Vocational Service for 29 years and since Covid-19, the school closed. I also taught at Monroe Vocational Technical program in Stroudsburg and Tobyhanna Army Depot.


I enjoy my free time with 11 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren and of course my sweet cockapoo, Bo.

Patricia Stroud

Interest: Secretary or Board


My name is Patricia Stroud and I come from a deaf family. I grew up in the mainstream and two deaf institutions, graduated from Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf in 2001. I attended Camp Victory (HERO) for five years. I went to National Technical Institute for the Deaf, Kaplan University (Purdue University Global) and Harrisburg Area Community College. I worked at Allied Services Integrated Health System and Tyler's Associate as (Community Interactions Inc.). I have three children, one hearing and two deaf/hard of hearing.


I have been PSAD Lifetime member for twenty-six years and was member of Lycoming Valley Association for the Deaf.  Additionally, I was:

  • Miss Deaf North Central Queen (2001- 2003)

  • Miss Deaf Pennsylvania pageant in Williamsport, Pa (2001)

  • PSAD Leadership Training Program (2001)

  • Lycoming Valley Association for the Deaf President (2002 – 2004)

  • North Central Chapter Secretary (2001- 2005)

  • PSAD Board Corresponding Secretary (2011- 2012)

  • Member/PSAD Delegate to National Association of the Deaf (2012)

  • PSAD Board (1st Vice-President, 2012 - 2014)

  • North Central Chapter Vice-President (2016 - 2017)

  • North Central Chapter President (2018 - current)


My favorite quotes are


"To be able to lead others, a person must be willing to go forward alone.

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader."


"An open mind sees the world reflected within themselves, but a closed mind looks for the world to be their reflection."










Mark Marcellino 

Interest: Board

Mark Marcellino is a native of Philadelphia and attended The Pennsylvania School for the Deaf. He has a masters’ degree in Deafness Rehabilitation. Mark was employed as a Monitoring Paraprofessional at Delaware School for the Deaf and  now currently employed as a United States Postal Services (USPS) employee as a Mail Carrier.

Since joining the PSAD Board in 2012, Mark has served as a Recording Secretary during most of his two terms. He was President of the Greater Philadelphia Chapter of PSAD for a long time and Member-at-Large for the Greater Philadelphia Silent Athletic Club. During his free time Mark volunteers his time at the Recycling Services, Inc. (RSI) in Pottstown, PA.



Gerald Penna

Interest: Board

Gerald “Jerry” Penna is proud to serve his fellow Pennsylvanians on matters pertaining to deafness, deaf-blindness and people who are hard of hearing. I am excited to have the opportunity to help advocate for the needs of people with hearing loss, to personally inform the public about The Pennsylvania Society for the Advancement of the Deaf, and to refer individuals to organizations that can help improve their daily lives. I had an opportunity to serve as President for PSAD Board of Managers for past three years.  I want to continue as a Board member.

Jerry served as Program Manager at the Community Resources for Independence’s Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services, served on the Erie County Council for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing, the Pennsylvania Society for the Advancement of the Deaf (PSAD), the Advisory Committee for Persons who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing (ACPDHH) and the Advisory Council for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing (ACDHH).

Over the past two years he has represented PSAD with a group of advocates called “I Want to See”. This group consist of individuals who are Deaf, Deafblind and Hearing. The group is advocating for permanent consistent state funding of Service Support Program (SSP) for Individuals who are Deafblind.

Jerry retired from the Pennsylvania Office for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (ODHH) in 2015. Currently involved as board member of the West Ridge Fire Department while still answering emergency calls, representing PSAD on the Act 57 Stakeholders Committee that is involved in improving the present State Interpreter Registry Act and is also on the PSADland Camp committee.












Creighton Quigley

Interest: Board


A CDI for 23 years, is the nephew of the late Reginald Egnaovitch who was one of the first CDI in Philadelphia and hold a certification in Specialist Certificate: Legal (SCL). He pulled Cren in the field of Deaf Interpreting in 1998.

Creighton is also known as Cren became Certified in 2009. He works with variety of agencies and gives numerous workshops including the Judge School for the Judges in court for the state of Pennsylvania.

In addition, to his expertise in interpreting, he has interpreted at DSA and NAD conferences, in variety of legal, medical ad community settings and does lipreading service as well.

Cren was appointed to PSAD Board in 2019.

Cren is one of the founders of Keystone Deaf Interpreters (KDI). Cren currently lives in Havertown with his wife and their children.

On his day off, he enjoys spending time with his family, plays golf and is a

die-hard Philadelphia Eagles fan.









Jeanette Boice                       


Interest: Board


I am a 1975 graduate of the Pennsylvania School for the Deaf (PSD) and have been married to my High School sweetheart, Gregory, for 43 years. We have three grown children. We live in Pottstown area.

I had studied “Introduction to Deaf Interpreting” and “Deaf Culture” at Union Community College in NJ. I have been a Sign language teacher at Reading Area Community College (RACC) for more than 20 years, teach Sign language at Berks Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services (BDHHS), now known as Keystone Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services and teach and organize the Children’s Sign Class camp. I have worked more than 20 years tutoring and working “one on one” with students that have Intellectual disabilities.

I am currently serving on Keystone Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services Board of Directors and involved in various committees. I am a strong advocate for healthcare patients and people who are dependent on drugs and alcohol.

I am interested in joining the Board of Pennsylvania Society for the Advancement of the Deaf and use my skills and abilities to advocate for the rights of Deaf and Mental Health Individuals in the Reading, PA area and statewide.



Larry McNulty, Jr.         


Interest: Board



My name is Larry A. McNulty, Jr.   Originally, I was raised mostly in the Western side of the USA (Guam, Hawaii, California, and Washington) before went to Rochester, NY for NTID/RIT and returned to WA for several years before moving to suburban of Philadelphia, PA in 2001.  Married to my wife, Deborah, of soon 25 years and have two sons, Robert (23) and Jack (13).


After I graduated from Edmonds High School in Edmonds, WA in 1984, I went to Seattle Central Community College for a year in General Studies.  In 1985, I attended and graduated from NTID and respectively RIT in 1991 and 1996 - AAS in DP (Data Processing) and BS in Information Technology.  Several years as IT Technician at GM Nameplate before moving to PA, I got a job as a Programmer Analyst for AmeriHealth Caritas near Philadelphia Airport for over 20 years and counting.


As for my experiences with different organizations at NTID/RIT, I had been involved in several deaf organizations such as NSC (NTID Student Congress), SKT (Sigma Kappa Tau Fraternity) and SN (Sigma Nu - Mu Zeta Chapter).  Outside of NTID/RIT, I had been involved in GSCD (Greater Seattle Center of the Deaf), EPCD (Eastern Pennsylvania Community of the Deaf) and several social organizations such as Poker Leagues.


Currently, I am holding no board positions.  My last position as a board member for EPCD was about three years ago.


I am expressing my interest to become a board member of PSAD in order to get it more recognize, reorganize and get the funds that PSAD need for its operations as well as PSADCampland.


I would like the opportunity to share our visions with you all on what can we do for our PSAD, its present and future goals.

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